Health Talk on Air and Water

A lot of people intuitively know that the indoor air quality and tap water quality in their homes aren't good. 

So they look for solutions!

This talk is great for parents who have concerns about air and water quality.

You'll learn about the health effects and get an insider technical guide to a very viable solution that can immediately and consistently help improve their health.

Air and water are the foundation. 

It's worth it to invest in a good foundation!

Please email me if you're interested in joining [email protected] or Whatsapp 97702590

Health Talk on Women's Health Concerns

If you're a woman and your health model and attitude is prevention rather than treatment, then arm yourself with the knowledge necessary for that. 

Come to this highly informative talk on women's health. Gain insights and get ideas on how to keep female health problems at bay with emphasize on food and nutrition. 

Date: Dec. 6, 2013, 7:30-9:30

Language: Cantonese

Cost: $80/each

Tickets are sold out already. But I have a couple of extra ones. Contact me if interested (+852) 97702590

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What People Think About Us

"I feel lucky to have found Mummy Connections when my son was 9 months old and I was still new to this area. Not only did I make friends with other moms, I learnt a lot at its events and gatherings. Mummy Connections events are all very fun, informative and sometimes stress-relieving. 
I am always excited to know what's coming next!"  
-- M.M., Mum with a 1.5 year old son

"I am glad to come in contact with Mummy Connections. Although, I have attended only one session, I already feel that this was what I was looking for at this point in my life. I felt motivated and refreshed. The best part is that it makes me hopeful. I really want to congratulate you on this endeavor of yours. May you go from strength to strength." -- N.M., Mums with a 3 year old daughter